Adventuring With God

God's plan feat. Jesup

My Shadows are Growing, but that means I’m getting closer to God

Battling Satan's Lies

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Life Update

Praise the Lord! Life may have ups and downs, but my God is still pouring love and grace, providing me a variety of joys! I've had the opportunity to cook within our kitchen here at Dickson Valley! Prentiss, our main... Continue Reading →

This Abyss, There’s Still a Light

Outlet via Poetry

Reflecting Deeply…

Good, Bad, Best.

New Horizons! Same Lovely God!

Big ideas, little Jesup, but the biggest God there is, and ever will be!

New Experiences

I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I do know God is already there preparing!

Shattered the Matter

"Oh you're depressed, why does that matter?" Oh please don't depress me, and shatter me. Please don't detest the best inspiration in these times of anticipation! "Where are you when I need you?" "When we can't cry out physically, will... Continue Reading →

Praise The Lord!!!

Needing His Guidance

Beauty In Being Vulnerable

Seeking Him More and More

Love Is About Being Vulnerable…

Let Us Learn To Love Again

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