Adventuring With God

God's plan feat. Jesup

My Shadows are Growing, but that means I’m getting closer to God

Battling Satan's Lies

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Continuing On

As I wear all this tactical gear. It becomes absurdly clear. That I myself, am not a tear For you to wipe away when it's convenient here. I am made up of emotion. I can keep calm in all the... Continue Reading →

Someday, Maybe?

As I continue to traverse through the dark parts of my heart. The ones that cause great things to never start. I keep hitting the same patches of life where it’s similar to past strifes. I continue to make parallel... Continue Reading →

Trapped In Your Room

In the center of the room, hanging by these clanking chains. They constantly remind me, why I’ll never change. Through the words They slither into my persistent ears, they’ve come to believe Them, all these years. “Who, where, and why?”... Continue Reading →

Getting Busy Living

Who am I? I'm Jesup Layne Pirie. I'm twenty years old. I love the Lord Jesus Christ. I love puns. I enjoy adventures. I enjoy helping and serving people like Jesus. I deeply feel called to do that in everything... Continue Reading →

This Abyss, There’s Still a Light

Outlet via Poetry

Reflecting Deeply…

Good, Bad, Best.

New Horizons! Same Lovely God!

Big ideas, little Jesup, but the biggest God there is, and ever will be!

New Experiences

I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I do know God is already there preparing!

Shattered the Matter

"Oh you're depressed, why does that matter?" Oh please don't depress me, and shatter me. Please don't detest the best inspiration in these times of anticipation! "Where are you when I need you?" "When we can't cry out physically, will... Continue Reading →

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