I’m sick of these lies. In fact I despise what thoughts I have thrown into my head by Satan. They’re not real! Yet I can’t linger away from a false truth I grew up believing. Talk about a room full of shadows, because this is what it is. There are shadows because a light shines, God’s light. I need His guidance to the light that shines.

As I get closer, my shadows grow, trying to consume me, devour the true joy I’ve missed desperately. These emotional battles are no joking matter, and Satan knows me well. But he didn’t create me. God did. It takes constant reminding, convincing myself that He is. This relationship is not something to be in and not be vulnerable in, but to come to Him, in tears with our fears for years to come, so He can take our sins, shame, to honor His name, and give Him fame that He so rightfully deserves.