I want to help with so much more. I desire to do more things. In reality, I want to be able to serve more! “The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few.” Now it comes to the question, to mention “How am I glorifying God?” In anything that we say, do, think, it should be able to glorify God! Am I really doing so? Honestly, there are times when the answer is no. I struggle, because I’m only human. But I have the Spirit of the true living God living within me! He’s blessed me to pass every test that comes at me! In any given moment, there’s a choice to be made; Glorify God, or glorify myself.

What do I gain? A pat on the back, high fives, hugs, admiration, “love”. Then time goes on, and it dims down, becoming a “good time together” or an “old memory”.

What does God gain? Glory, honor, seeds can be planted, praise, recognition that He isn’t dead, the “good” side of God is shown to the world, and when we glorify God, it adds to our testimonies of faith to God! Why would we not want to give Him glory?! Why wouldn’t we want Him to plant seeds, no matter how few or little the seeds get in the dirt, God is the one to water them and provide growth!

What could we possibly do that God couldn’t?! It isn’t the fact that God can’t do this without us, we cannot do anything without God who strengthens me! I cannot fight these emotional battles without the love of Christ within me! A reminder, no matter how slight, that I am not alone! God is there! God is here! God is! Yahweh! “I am”

Why are we waiting? What is holding us back? It’s you! It’s me! It’s our thoughts! They become staircases for Satan to get multiple footholds into our heads, and to plant false truths into our head, making us believe that “we can’t possibly help this person”. Oh God, help us see past these lies! Help us to serve without question! Help us to love one another, just as you have loved us!

Yes, I desire to do more, but God has me here, in this place, for the now! Why waste energy worrying about how I want to do so much more elsewhere, when I can do so much more in the service I’m in now?! What’s stopping me? Resources, doubts, health. When has any of these things been an issue to God?! He will provide! “Even during the battles of doubt?” Absolutely, just look up to Him, intentionally desire Him! Why is this so hard? Because Satan has been within the deepest parts of my heart, and now I’m allowing God to take back His rightful throne. Satan isn’t liking it, and it hurts me, cuts me with a two-sided sword. But God is here! He’s always been here! There cannot be darkness without the Light! Yes, this hurts. Emotionally, physically, mentally, to the deepest parts of my being, yet, I consider it joyful! For God is present, healing, breaking my old habits! Now, I’m truly realizing the hold my sin nature has on me, yet I don’t want to act on those. To be honest, I really want to cry, this hurts so much, yet is relieving! Glory to God, for I may feel “pain” or what seems like hurtful emotions. But God wins.

Now, whose understanding are we going to rely on? Yours? Mine? Or Gods’?

Let us teach from His overflow!