What’s new to you? What have you done lately that you have never done before? Today, I tried to play chords on y guitar, Iris, and I was really nervous about doing so. I can play the G progression on my guitar, and I’ve only found songsĀ  to play using only those chords. Today, I tried to play “Say Something” by A Great Big World. In their piece, there are chords that I have never heard of, nor did I think I could play them! Going throughout the time spent practicing, I am able to kind of play through the song. Currently still adding the singing (and the right key for my voice).
I also painted today! Now, I know that I can draw, but I was unsure about painting. I had bought two canvases a few weeks ago with the desire to color them with any idea that came into my head. Well, to be honest, they just sat there, giving me this blank (yes pun intended) stare. Until today, I wanted to paint! Why? Because why not! God gave us gifts to use, to come to the Express Station, not to mention to show our emotions, the struggles that buckle us up in! A way to give glory to God are the gifts that He’s blessed us with! Why would we not want to express them to everyone?

Our doubts man! Satan surely discourages us to the point to where we feel belittled by what the devil convinces us to be our own thoughts, but in all reality, they are just his false truths! Let’s get past those lies, and take a leap! Haven’t you always had this desire to fly? Well, lets leap! Lets soar and see all the vast ways people fly! Whether they’re singing, playing, creating, speaking, consoling, affirming, convicting! We all can fly, we just fly differently!

So now the question remains, what gifts do you have? How can you use them constantly? Don’t let the lies bring you down and bury your passions! Let them soar! How can they soar? Simple. God