Why can’t I commit these things to you O Lord?!
I haven’t seen or felt these things in years, yet they still feel fresh
It’s as if I took my own two-sided sword
And stabbed it right through my chest!

I’ve submitted my pains to your glory Father
Yet, Satan keeps dippin’ in!
He swims along my pain, bother,He reminds me of my sin!

Your kingdom I serve, Holy and True
I give you my house keys.
I still have and put my faith in You
No matter what Satan catches and throws back at me!

It hits me hard man, right in my heart
Squirming through to find it’s home!
Reminding me what was once a part
But honestly God, I want this thing gone!

Father, Spirit, Son
To you I devote me.
No matter what small deed I’ve done
For Your everlasting Glory!