Hey there brothers and sisters! How’s it hanging homies?! Exciting stuff has been taken place over the course of the last few days! Just finished my hosting duties from this weekend about half an hour ago, and I’m satisfied, tired, yet full of joy and peace of the entirety of this marvelous weekend!

Sept. 30th:
The groups had arrived this evening! Getting things organized for them before, it seemed like a lot! The exciting part is that it’s isn’t just me! I have the amazing blessing of working with a team of believers, desiring to serve and love these people like Christ, and it is the most amazing time ever! Honestly, it’s amazing to see their hearts and love for Christ, and in turn to see it through their hospitality and helpfulness to organize for the weekend right along with me! It’s an important reminder of their love, and that we are never alone in our work as Christians!

We are all a part of the same body, which is Christ, man! You and I can do this because WE can do this! Through Christ who strengthens us! Who could stop us if God is for Him, and He includes us?! Yes, we have doubts, fears, trials, obstacles, but if God isn’t your reason, isn’t your WHY, then just sit down already! Until Christ is your leader, we won’t go far! We won’t be able to reach our full potential until we submit to the fact that we cannot do this without GOD!
Honestly, it’s been a struggle for me to keep putting Him first! Freaking right I had to take a seat and look at my values! I never thought I could ever put my love for my family down before the Lord.. Sometimes, I still can’t, and I decide to pick it up again! “No Jesup, you silly boy. What could you do that I couldn’t?!” I hate when He asks me this question, because the only answer that I get blessed with being able to answer is nothing

Being able to share this experience with the crew here at Dickson Valley has been such a blessing! I couldn’t imagine being able to do this all myself, or all of their selves! We just love to be with one another, help each other out, laugh a lot (still cracking them puns homies!), and at the end of the day, we are serving the Lord! That’s our desire! His Glory! In any and every way!
Shout out to Toren, for being such a hecka servant, knocking things off of our list with an instant knock out, preparing my hosting paperwork, and her and McIntire for doing the slideshow and table signs! O.J. coming in clutch with answering my multitude of questions, and being able to talk with her about some serious stuffs and things! The Hoot of all Hoots, helping be the man of all men! Expressing his laughter and cheeriness throughout the land!

The groups had arrived, with their junior highers!!! GAHHH!! I’m always stoked for the time we get to serve groups! Earlier this weekend, I had a young boy ask me if I get fourteen hours of sleep every night, because I’m so energetic, joyful, and excited. Definitely one of the best compliments ever, and I only give glory to God for that! He’s responsible for that! Because honestly, no, I get half of that, sometimes even less (but it’s worth the loss of sleep! 🙂 ) Being able to serve them from the love of Christ is way more important than sleeping! Every time, anytime, always and forever! With arrival of groups come greetings, answering questions, directing them to their cabins, establishing a time to talk later, and being sincere with them! Oh man! Can I wake up tomorrow and do it all over again?!? So, for tonight (30th) There was a couple of activities, and I got the blessing to put up a campfire and drive the tractor for a Wagon Ride! Oh, what a privilege! Yeah sure, it’s just a fire, but in all things, the question gets asked “How can this glorify God?!” I could just be tired, and hardly put any energy or love into the building of the fire, being careful with what logs I grab, how they’re handled, etc…. But I don’t want to choose that, because that could reflect to a later moment in my life, rather, I would choose to love the campfire, so the group feels that! Along with the fire, having the blessing to hear the group sing songs that brought back camp memories, such as “Kumcha” and “Big Booty”! It was even more fun to have Banks there! They be a real OG homies! It was stellar to talk about Travis (Tractor) and the fact he still runs better than most vehicles for being sixty-nine (if my math is right) years old!!! To travel around camp in the dark was a great experience as well! It was so much fun to experience that together! Also, we did our first pizza snack for the Fall, and that was quite everything the opposite of crusty! (Yes, this is a cheesy pun!)

Oct. 1st:
The start of the full day with 186 people! Woo! Praise the Lord Almighty! Such a rush (insert Pitch Perfect) to be able to be an extrovert, feeding off that energy! The Lord has been moving guys, and I’m excited and honored to be blessed to be a part of that movement!
Anyhow, breakfast went well, especially getting these weird looks from the junior high boys because I let the ladies go first! (BTDubbs, Chivalry is most definitely, not dead!) Definitely one the the greatest times of the weekend! Including an hour and a half of rock wall and four hours of laser tag man! We rocked it! Chillin’ with my homie McIntire, and we crushed it! It was amazing to be able to watch those kids and adult leaders just run around, chasing each other, playing capture the pin (They were pinned down! Haha) Switching between multiple sets of twenty-two people per game was awesome! Yes, there are challenges, but we were joyful during those tough times man! No reason to choose a different outlook. That’s a grand staircase for the devil dawg! No bueno. Oh the joy of the Lord upon those faces though, makes everything worth it all! Shout out to Banks homies! She brought me some supper (or dinner, which ever you prefer 🙂 ) and it was super sweet! Brought me some filled tacos! You wanna talk about cheesy, lettuce taco bout it! (I know I know, I have a lot of shell to pay for these puns!) Tomatotally awesome evening homies! Another fire after all of this guys, I tell you what though. IT WAS LIT! (Haha, I wood say that!)
Probably the top moment of this weekend so far, would have to go to when Banks and I were in the lobby of our dining hall, basically the most public area around camp, and I was just casually playing the ukulele, chilaxin’ and then this group of junior high girls walks in, and they scream “You play the ukulele?!?! So do I!” SO [FA MI RE DO] I asked her to show me! She brought it and showed us! She played I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, and obviously when I knew it was I’m Yours, I started singing, and we started singing at the same time guys! It was freaking amazing! She played beautifully, sang fantastically, and it was just a really special moment man! Praise the Lord!

Oct. 2nd:
Finally, today, the second of October! Alas, all good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean it’s over homies! It was such an honor and a blessing to host the groups that chose to stop and commit their kingdom work at Dickson Valley, to include us within their retreat as we continue our Retreat to Christ! It’s been grand to just be able to provide anything to help out the groups that were here, to show them the love of Christ, to play carpet ball with them, run activities for them, with the DVCPD! But sincerely, it was awesome to see their joy filled faces, bright smiles, and sharing time together! All the encouragement that was said to one another this weekend was amazing, getting to just help people laugh, smile, (probably cry with all my puns) and to show them that they are wonderful creations of God!

Well, if you read this far, dang homie, thanks for sticking with me! I appreciate you, the fact that you survived this, and my puns, and for being curious as to how I’m doing! You’re beautiful, wonderful, amazing, lovely, lively, and most important, a CHILD OF THE LIVING GOD! How can I be praying for you? Get at me yo! Anyhow, anywhere, anytime! Let’s serve! Also, let’s not only be content with this, but seek how else Christ can spread us throughout, yeah?! I’m excited!