OH MY LANTIS HOMIES!!! I got some exciting things to tell you from yesterday and last night! I was able to join Banks and some of her family for some amazing fun yesterday! A couple firsts for me, and it was all just so exciting!

Firstly, I got to meet Banks’ Nana and Papa, Papa’s parents, and their dogs, Shiloh, Ellie, and Macie (Macy: I apologize if that’s spelled wrong), and their cat! It was so beautiful to meet them, listen and talk with them, and just to spend quality time with them! I’m joyful to have been invited over there, their kind words, and they’re quite fun to be around! Definitely making more plans to go over there!

Secondly, we did Karaoke, and it was my first time doing it ever!!! It was amazing! We also went out to the same place and danced, Swing Dance, Country Swing, and a bit of Slow dancing! It was such a great night! Many laughs, many off key songs, and some gentlemen who sang their hearts out, and my heart burst for joy after hearing them sing! Oh our goodness friends! Before we had gotten there, Banks and I had been practicing songs that we would have liked to performed. We went through various songs, and wrote down for each other which songs we thought were a great pick for one another.
For Banks: Fly, Say Something, Hello, Ring of Fire, and Drift Away
For Jesus: All of Me, I’m Yours, I Won’t Give Up, Say Something, Hello, and House of Gold.

Well, it was a very eventful evening, and I cannot wait to do it again! The songs we both had performed were: Banks: Drift Away, Fly, and Ring of Fire. Jesup: I Won’t Give Up and Say Something! Together, we both performed Hello, and made it a conversation! It was fantabulous! Talk about being star-struck homies! It was amazing to have some conversation with her family as well, and their kind words of “I feel like I’ve known him for years!” “You’re such a sweet young man!” Momma didn’t raise no fool, and I’m very thankful for all the chiseling God has pounded into me to help change me from who I was to who He desires me to be! I’m thankful for their kind words, and I also appreciate Banks with helping keep me away from any bad television castings! She’s quite the woman of God man, and I’m thankful for our friendship! And, she got them killer dance moves! She was just gliding on the dance floor! Being able to see her face light up with dancing with Papa and Carl, it was quite a joy for me!

Praise the Lord for Singing and Dancing, for by His love, we can know what true joy is! Thank you God for community, friends, family, and joyful times!

Photo Credit: Banks