Never would have thought this day would come.
But now the time as come to get some:
To keep on moving forward.
Stop moving backward
And hitting repeat.
Now it’s time to complete
What God gaveth me.Today, reality collided with me.
Telling me that it’s time to quit.
And to be honest, commit
More to His Will and Way
I’ve got one more chance
To run this way and dance
And sing
For the One True King.
I’ve got a lot to learn
Start to discern
When? to concern
Myself with those I cherish
Otherwise, my way starts to perish
With my loved ones.
Adding to get the sums
Of a life I lived before.
Now it’s time to score
Like this video, to buffer
Otherwise, I sit and suffer.
From what I could have done
Starts to become a dream.
And I see the scene
Of doors opening.
But with my final chance
I get to make a choice.
Either shut up and make an excuse
Or to raise this voice
For the Lord of Lords
To commit to a way that’s more than just words
But to make my dream His reality.