God. You are so good.
And I am so bad.
Why, oh Heavenly Father
Do you even bother
With a sinner like me?

I try, over and over.
Yet, I’m back to where I was before.
Why, oh Heavenly Father
Do you even bother
With a failure like me?

Jesus, you died for me.
How can this possibly be?
Why did you take my tree?
Oh Heavenly Son
I’m sending it back to Thee.

Father, I want to implode.
Let go
Of these inner emo-
I want to lash out
Bash out
And clash out
With the environ-

Satan tempts me.
To take it out on thee.
But I don’t want to hurt
So I’ll bury myself in the dirt
Away from another.

The emotions
Create a physical pain.
Yet, I haven’t felt this
Nor did I ever want to again.

Yet you Father.
Take every time to bother.
With a sinner like me.
With a failure like me.
For you took my tree
To give me everlasting

So, no matter the strife
That is given in my way.
You forever, Yahweh,
Shall I praise.
For the rest of my days.

No matter the stress
No matter the mess
I create, or is struck to me.
I give Thee
Broken. Tired. Hurt. Angry. Depressed.
To have You create
Repaired. Replenished. Comfort. Peaceful. Joyful.