God, You’re so {http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/good?s=t} The greatest word I have for You still is not enough description to capture Your amazing love for us!

Homies, God has been way to good to me! So, this weekend, ending today (Oct. 23) McIntire and I got to serve a few groups this weekend! We met various junior highers, and some gentleman spending time away in the woods, growing together! Gosh, God is really moving Brothers and Sisters! I’m so thankful to even feel the Spirit’s movements, but to experience them when they happen as well! Oh God! You’re so amazing!

The first group to come in and stay were a group of young men and their leaders from Chicago! They have a beautiful ministry, serving boys and young men, taking them from their broken paths, and shedding Jesus into them, loving them, becoming fathers! Oh our lantis! It was really beautiful! Being able to spend time with them, hang out, sing and dance around their campfire with them, experience their commitments to Christ as they threw their burdens into the fire! Ahhhhh!!! They were amazing, respectable, and I’m full of joy to have spent personal time with them, get a few hugs! I love hugs! (You can just tell, I’m extroverted!) We also had the opportunity to play basketball with them, belay them on the rock wall, got them a movie to watch! Seeing the joy upon their faces just filled me with His joy! One of the fun times with this group would definitely be when they played laser tag, and they asked McIntire and I to join them! So. Much. Fun!

The next group to come in was a group from a bit more than an hour away from camp! In Wheaton (I sure hope I spelled that right!) Man, they were super excited! Loud, energized, and excited for their retreat! They got off the buses, I was getting super excited because “Ahh! New people!” I love meeting new people! So, they got all situated with their belongings and where they were staying, and assembled in their meeting area. I had come down to explain some rules, was given a grand introduction by their Pastor, and they got to meet me for the first time! Ooh dang homies! The sing-a-longs, the archery, worship. There was this one woman, Hannah, that had overheard Gabe and I singing “House of Gold’ by Twenty-One Pilots (my favorite TOP song!) and she had asked for Chester (Martin’s Ukulele) and started playing the song!!! Obviously, we had to sing the song! It was definitely one of my favorites, along with talking with some of the leaders, the kids, getting some hugs from their campers! Ahhh! So joyful homies! Over the course of their time, We received various compliments upon our beards, attitudes, characters, extroversion, and how my energy levels were high and hard to match for their kids, and service for them. Honestly, I take compliments and encouragements differently. In the sense, I still sincerely appreciate them, but often times, my other (emotional) half is trying to bring me down. Especially these last few days, it’s been hard emotionally, yet God was still shining through these groups being here, telling me how much they appreciate me, telling me I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I’m very thankful for them, their encouragement! Super thankful for the opportunity to serve them, worship and grow with them, spend time with them, but most importantly, be together with them! I always say “I’ll probably cry after you guys leave” to the leaders, for the fact that I get bittersweet when groups leave, every time. I absolutely love people! Meeting them, talking with them, spending time with them, anything. To be with another beautiful creation from God is outstanding! To realize similarities that help you not be so alone, especially as Brothers and Sisters in the faith!

I’m thankful that God is moving in various areas of not only my life, but in the lives of people around me! The groups, us here at Dickson Valley, and around the world! I’m excited to see where God is guiding me, building and growing me, chiseling me, molding me to fit, rather, not fit into the world’s mold, but His mold of who He desires me to be! It’s crazy homies. I would have never thought this is where I’d be ever in my life. Being able to serve and love! To be honest, this is the farthest from my depression I’ve been in a long while, and there are new things God is helping me to discover about myself I never knew, or didn’t remember! I’m slowly becoming ready. This is my forty year build up time. To let go and let God for my life. I’m scared, that some how, some way, I’ll mess up, I’ll slip, I’ll fail, but my God is a God who loves and desires me, you, US! He can redeem anything and everything for His good and for His glory!