Yesterday was today. Today is already tomorrow.
With life, comes the joyful times, and some sorrow.
Now all the while, we call out with song and glee
Some of us struggle with sadness as our sea.
Yet do not be troubled.
For He has already covered and doubled
Our sadness and shame
For His love forever, praise His name.

Now all the while, we are troubled with temptations
We must learn to give Him all of our sins.
So we can be able to live generously
And praise Him eternally in eternity.
With Me, Myself, and I.
I must tell them to go bye bye.
For my God, my everlasting Father
Cannot and will not, by them, have a bother.
Or a bone to pick with it.
But would rather take a hit
Of hate from the ones He loves
So we could proclaim that Love Does