I hate leaving gaps in the middle of grand things, but I needed to get away. I just didn’t want to admit it.

God, thank you. Thank you for loving me, even when I’m unable to reciprocate love  back. Even when I’m in the darkest corner of my life, you still love me. Honestly, thank you for all the reasons to come to you for strength, for mine is Joy! Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to be here, to serve, to love, to be removed, to head through everything with your love and peace, even if I don’t see it!

I needed them today God, because they have You in them! I’m too blessed to be upset. I’m to forgiven to get tied up, to get angry or frustrated or bitter about things! I started to lose me, and you came back for me! Your Spirit, pulled me back. Because deep down, there’s a light that never goes out! For me, that’s You Father! Abba! Padre! Almighty One! Yes, I feel lonely, yes, I’m still confused, but it’s just petty, and it’s all my own thinking! I have you to serve! To live for! Yeah, I feel lonely, but You constantly remind me that I’m never really alone. Yeah, I miss it, but it wasn’t right. It was never able to compare to us and Our relationship Christ! Please, send me your joy, for it is my strength! Please take away my anger, my stress, my worries, and let there only be room for your love, joy, peace, and Spirit. I’m ready to move on. Yes, my emotions are in a hectic, I feel the walls coming up, I feel lost and broken, but I’m not alone, and I’m most certainly joyful! For when I am broken, You can still fix and repair me, and make me stronger! It’s time to move on and just focus on You. If some can keep up, let them. If they can’t, remove them so they don’t hinder me. I want and desire you! I need that to be my top want! Thy will be done, always and forever!