I wasn’t born for this adulterous porn to scorn my soul deep within to be a major sin

Tragedy, grabbing me, choking. There’s no joking. This is serious. Quit being delirious. This is serious

Porn kills Loves and shoves it down to the abyss of the darkest parts of our hearts.

Caving in, within the truest love God had sended, as He ascended. Leaving His spirit, not of fear but of Love. Power. And Self Control.

This is the hardest pill to swallow. That everything porn “promises” is shallow. Now while you wallow in sorrow.

Just remember, God’s still here. He’s always near! Get through this portion. Fight it! Desire Him! Choose Him! God changes hearts to see. Clearly, yet, He still let’s us decide. To give up all of these lies. Of this cold dark world.

Now as we whirl and twirl around. The darkest parts of our hearts all share the same sound 


Seeking Companioness 

Yet, we must seek His Forgiveness.

Bask in His Glory as He breaks us down. This is it. I’m homebound. I’m ready to hear the screeching sound within. As this sin dies screamin “I’ll be back again!!!”

Yeah, we already knew that. That means we’re ready to fight back. And combat what Satan uses As baitan to draw us, In again. Trying to get us to sin! To get that forbidden fruit. To taste that luscious death.


That fruit won’t last. Compared to the everlast-ing Lord, Satan’s fruits will neverlast past his word. Their empty, not fulfilling. Only contenting for a portion of time! Remember, he’s the king of all these lies. Using deceitfulness to get his quick fix and amuse himself as he tries to abuse us all against things we desire. Turning our innocence into lonesomeness! I alone come for the King of the Throne! Jesus, please, strengthen us all!

John 14:27