God is so good homies! A constant reminder of this in my own personal life is the groups we get to serve here at Dickson Valley! While always striving to do my best in all that I do, I had the beautiful opportunity to cook for the first time today! I was excited, nervous, and ready to learn, and to have a boat load of information thrown my way! Prentis, our main cook, is such an excellent teacher, and provided me with the correct means to provide an edible, delicious breakfast, french toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage! Apart from Prentis, Martin and Maron are two of the four amazing kitchen staff members that also help make the kitchen flow so well! Honestly, I feel like Dickson Valley would be so lost without them!!!

I was really excited to be back in a kitchen again! I had worked previously at Pizza Ranch in my hometown for two and a half years! So, food service was something I knew partially, along with handling stress decently, and focusing on multiple things at the same time! However, I barely knew the layout of the kitchen, and cooking enough edible food for ninety-one people at one time is also crazy, since I was used to a broaster and chicken! Still, I had an idea, and I was excited! I also enjoy learning new things, and being able to help and serve wherever I can! I learned a lot, a few techniques to cook decently, always be on the move, watch the clock! Gosh, it was amazing!!!

Then after breakfast, I got the chance to hang out with the Alderman/Erickson family up at another lodge of ours! One of their family members works with us, so it was my pleasure to go up there and bring them more logs for their fireplace! We had the chance to hang out and chat for a few hours, and it was really special! To see the beauty and love of their families! They had been together for a few generations, and it was really inspiring to see them come together! They invited me to have some coffee, and scotcharoos (my flavorite sweet treat) and some nice conversations! I got to talk about my upbringing (definitely detailed), tell them about how I got here to Dickson Valley, how God kept providing for my family, sacrifices made by my family! We really related on the importance of family, and family time, and they all just really touched my heart to see them together, and how everything, big or small, is worth a trip to make it to!

I also had the blessing of talking with some people I served with during the summer (2016), and it was a real intimate time! Phone calls to a majority of them, catching up, how they’re doing, how they’ve been, what they’re up to now, how I could be praying for them! Gosh, I miss and love them very much, and a majority of them had some beautiful things to express, and they were appreciative of the call! It’s the little things (even when they come from a big guy!) {I’m 6’5″}. So, I’m hoping to be able to see them soon!

Some other randomness, my car is having a weird malfunction regarding the anti-theft system. Trying to figure out the issue with that and hopefully fix that! Hoots is perplexed, but we have a couple of ideas of what it could be! It could be so much worse though! It could’ve happened while I was on the road, while I was home, before I left for home during the holidays, any other time! I’m thankful it’s now, while I’m back home!

Also, been trying to do more healthy things! Such as: Workout, sleep decently, eat healthier. I organized my room differently! There’s so much more space! (So much room for activities!!!) Learning ukulele songs on Chester!

Most importantly, trying to do all things for His glory, and to do them the best I can! Especially with today’s reading Colossians 3:23-24 (ESV)
Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

Gosh, what a deep impact this has been having on my the whole day! Not just for our work either, but in everything we do! How we work, play, love, to give our best no matter what! Turning to Him first for all my necessities, thankfulness, joy! The relationship has always been this deep, I just haven’t been quiet enough to notice just how intimate it really is! Days are still hard, but to be blessed with His Joy, His Love, His Grace, how can I not be satisfied? Fulfilled? I still desire a variety of things (companionship, strength, endurance, joy, loved ones to know Christ, tattoos, etc.) Though, I just want to make sure they all glorify Him! That’s the only thing that matters! If He isn’t being glorified, then it shouldn’t be done! I still have much to learn from Him by Him.

I’m also created in such a beautiful way, that God has blessed me with the desire to have my heart worn out on my shoulder! I’m also quirky to be blessed with Physical Touch as my top “love language”, so definitely a hugger! (#FreeHugs) But sincerely, there is a deep intimacy that I long for, yet staying patient and trying to strive in the Lord’s path and plan for my life! I can’t let this idea become and Idol of my life, but to let God handle and care for it! Second Timothy 1:7 says,
For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of Power and Love and Self-Discipline.
My physical body and thoughts are weak, yet my Spirit is empowered and entrusted to the Lord! His strength is my Joy, Peace, Love! He’s molding me, and I’m so excited to see where He takes me next!

I’m thankful for the loved ones I have in my life, family or not, because we are all Daughters and Sons of the Almighty Father! ABBA! There’s a plan. There’s His will. Let it be done!