It’s been an exciting week! Varnishing, recruiting, getting new roles and responsibilities, new topics of discussion, all in the direction of glorifying God! Gosh, I’m so excited for the future, how God will provide for all the needs we have, graciously giving that to Him, leaving room for God to establish His foundation! Oh man homies, it’s been a beautiful time!

So today, I had the blessing of joining Alderman, our Program Director, on a recruiting journey! Man, it was exciting! Beautiful conversation, bonding, joking, puns (even if he denies), sincere conversations with amazing people, all while serving God and serving Dickson Valley! I’ll tell you what, God spoils us, and it’s awesome. The day started with waking up at around 05:11, getting ready, triple checking all the necessities, then it was time to leave to get Alderman, then a three hour trek to Macomb, IL. I seriously enjoy driving! Got the truck all packed up, and we were off! Stopped for some breakfast, delicious, and then got to Western around 10:14, got our station/table set-up, videos playing, introductions to the people he knew, and then it all started at 11:00.

Met some amazing individuals, those with the school, student and professors, and the other camps that were there also recruiting! I had the blessing of chatting and talking with quite a bit of people, and as you guys know, I’m a huge extrovert! I absolutely and sincerely love people, and to talk with them was such a beautiful experience! Along with that, I had the opportunity to meet some other camp people, and it was awesome! There are other awesome, inspirational, hard working, camps and the people among those camps that were there! It’s amazing to see what their doing within their communities, whether they’re a faith based camp or not, but to talk with them as people, to be able to pray for them, get to know them besides their passions for camp life! Gosh, it was awesome to talk with them, share a bit of my story, how I got connected with Dickson Valley! Alderman got to here about my baptism, how it took place at camp, and that that was the first time he had ever heard of my experience with that! (I had no idea I didn’t tell him that already!).

In all of these things, it was great to just serve, listen, talk with, and enjoy the beautiful opportunity it was to go there, to drive, to talk, pray, and laugh, all while worshiping and serving God! Seriously, nothing compares to the fulfillment of Him, His provision, His love, and His boundless, mending grace for us, His children, His masterpieces!

Earlier this weekend, one group had a speaker, Ringo, and he had exclaimed John 3:16-
For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
He had mentioned to put our name where the words “the world” is…
For God so loved Jesup that he gave his only Son…
You were worth dying for, I was worth dying for. You are worth loving, and I am worth loving! Gosh, that deep grace homies! If God’s for us, why should we be worried about what tomorrow brings? God knows, God provides, and God will always be there! I’m excited for what God blesses us with next!