I’m very thankful for all the blessings given to me! Whether that be a phone call to my Mom, experiencing my giddiness throughout the day, or the fact I get another day to take a deep breath!

So many things have happened! I’ve been blessed with a new position at work that takes place this summer! It’s call “Team Leader”. So, when I first got here to Dickson, I was hired as a Summer Staff, working as Activity Staff. I got trained in Lifeguarding and certified, trained in all the facilities and policies. Now, as Team Leader, I’ll be leading a group of thirteen to fifteen, more or less, people amongst that same things I learned! That’s absolutely crazy, and I’m excitedly nervous, very thankful, and am going to need all God!
Had the privilege to attend recruiting with Alderman, and that was phenomenal! Interesting to meet a variety of people, hear their passions, and what their plans were for their future!
Been hosting groups, and facilitating groups for the last few weeks! Met an amazing married couple, Jessi and Robbie, and it was fantastic to talk with them, have them speak into my life, and I into theirs! Super excited to get the chance to spend time with them soon, go Frisbee Golfing as the weather gets warm! I enjoyed them, their group, and the competitions they all had while having a tubular time!
Been some kind of big changes in my life, new directions, lots of prayer needed of where God wants me to go. I’m conflicted with where I want to go, but I sincerely think it’s staying here longer, starting a new way of counseling. Big ideas, little Jesup, but the biggest God there is, and ever will be! I’m in constant reminding of His Will, not mine. It’s definitely difficult, to continue to let him increase, and I decrease (John 3:30), but it’s so fulfilling. In the aspect of, if I would be doing my own thing, I might be content, but it wouldn’t suffice, nor does that idea compare to what being a follower of Jesus Christ is! I’m experiencing His Kingdom moving, the beauty of people coming to Jesus, serving, loving people the way Jesus loves me! I’ve said it multiple times; experiencing God with the people that come through here, to be broken with them, worship with them, devote and serve them, to experience their joy, real joy with them! Man, talk about a fuel for my passions man! I love people, getting to know them, on a deeper level, as deep as they’ll let me! To love them, as the amazing person they are, or are trying to be.  Yeah, I’ll take every hard day, because nothing compares to the God filled ones.