Much to learn.
Much to discern.
Yet, it seems to earn
This gradual loss.

Currently learning.
Difficulty discerning.
Here we are, earning
Much of my losings.

Not what I meant.
The cost is spent.
With my negative cents
There’s just no sense.

Nice, kind, caring,
Merciful, sparing
Love endures, right?
Then why do I feel hate?

Aggressive, passive, domestic, abusive.
What about the emotions that are so elusive?
To your eyes, why do you despise
The character that stands, arise?

When in all reality, he wants to fall
To his heavy knees,
Yes please,
But him out of your misery!

Take your pain, victimized,
In those glossy eyes,
That can never lie
Yet you still try.

What he thought he had, must’ve never existed.
He feels like a nobody again, is that “samebody”?
Insane body, traumatized by
What the emotional cost never fine printed.

Opened old wounds, with a new perspective.
You hate manipulation, yet you’re the main detective.
Inspecting your next need, for me,
So then I’m somebody!

Gosh, what a rough cycle, but why do you care?
Why would you spare
Someone that thought you decently
And sincerely shared…

Yeah, I’m in pain.
Over and over again.
Everyday, it’s different and the same.
Because love endures all things

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Whether our relationship
Is in a bind.

Love does not envy or boast.
Not arrogant or rude.
Whether there’s a bad
Or good attitude.

Love does not insist it’s own way
Not irritable or resentful.
In fact the opposite, at all times
Be respectful.

Unlike this poem
Perhaps our ship, Friend.
To the avail of it’s sail
Love never ends.