Who am I?
I’m Jesup Layne Pirie. I’m twenty years old. I love the Lord Jesus Christ. I love puns. I enjoy adventures. I enjoy helping and serving people like Jesus. I deeply feel called to do that in everything I do, say, think, and act as. I’m entwined with protection of my loved ones. I’ve been blessed to feel others’ emotions alongside them, to be able to really listen to them, that it may be a bridge for Jesus to reach their hearts with. I believe Joy and happiness are two different things. Happiness is a feeling that goes away from time to time, but Joy is a choice to see God in everything, good and bad!

What am I?
I’m a Child of the Living God. Being molded everyday, giving more and more of my heart to the Lord. That He may be within me, pouring out His Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control through His Holy Spirit. That I may be within the endless abundance of His Living Water.

Where am I?
I’m at Dickson Valley, serving the Lord. Trying to find Him in all things. This is my home. God willing, I plan to be here for a long time. I absolutely love it here! My relationship with Jesus is getting more personal, deeper. There’s a constant need of Him in my thoughts in everything.

On an emotional level, I’m learning to remove these barricades I’ve used for years, and it’s really hard. To be truly vulnerable, when every fiber of my human self screams “DON”T!!!” To let someone come close to me, to actually let someone else love me, in any relationship, is definitely one of the hardest things I’m experiencing right now. Time after time, God has reminded me that it really is okay to let people in. That through everything, He will redeem it for His Glory. Honestly, I really struggle with this, because I already come off as the guy who sincerely cares about you, but now I want to approach every relationship without my normal guards up. To let someone have the ability to hurt me. Even though I’m learning that not everyone is out to get me. It’s definitely relieving, and I can only thank the Lord for that.

Along with these new habits, I’m also learning to let go of all the heavy burdens I have been carrying for my whole life. Yes, I’ve learned to give slim pieces to Christ, but never really the whole weight. I need to let go of the chain these weights bear upon my heart, because they tend to overwhelm my spirit. Being here, focusing on all the things God has blessed me with to be responsible for, I can’t really focus on carrying around all these extra hinderances that Satan tries to get a grand staircase for in my life. There is no time for any of that at all. God has bigger things in store, and He’s moving right now! His Kingdom Comes! Only God can change hearts, situations, circumstances. His love reaches through everything, and knows no bounds! I want to profess that in everything that I am.

I’m actually able to hear what type of man God is calling me to be. In order to do so, I need to remove these things a man is supposed to be according to the world, and start wearing the armor of the Living God, because only through Him, am I able to be a Godly man. Through His Living Word can I truly desire Him.

I’m grateful for everything that’s happened in my life over this last year. Good and bad! The good because of the constant reminder that God is so very good, and I’ll be at Dickson Valley for another year, serving His Kingdom here. What’s in store? Only God knows, and He’ll let me experience it when He feels it is time! Tomorrow has enough worry on it’s own, and I don’t even deserve the next five seconds! What will I be doing? I pray that I’m glorifying the Lord in everything that I do. If not, I need to change it. I have nothing without Jesus, and I have everything with Jesus! I have purpose, I have joy, I have it all, because He loved me first. Therefore, I must decrease, and He must increase. Amen.